What is couscous?

Couscous is a grained semolina. It is usually used in salads and soups as a replacement for rice or orzo. It has some nutritional advantages, especially as a substitute for more processed kinds of pasta that can add a high carbohydrate count to a recipe.

Is Couscous Easy To Find In Grocery Stores?

Couscous can be a labor-intensive food to make by hand. When machine methods became available, then couscous became easier to produce. It increased in availability and popularity. It is now found in grocery stores nationwide. Usually, shoppers can find it in either the pasta aisle or with the rice and quinoa.

How Is Couscous Used?

Couscous is a grained pasta and tosses well in a light salad. It also works in soups and stews. It would get lost in traditional spaghetti sauces. Because of this, it generally doesn’t serve as a main dish. However, it can work on its own as a side dish with spices like garlic and basil added to it.

How Healthy Is Couscous?

Couscous is a better alternative to larger, more processed carbohydrates like spaghetti and macaroni. It is small, and so it represents a more balanced carbohydrate ratio within a meal. In moderation, it is a good replacement for cooks who want to avoid heavy carbohydrates. It also works best in dishes that are healthy and light alternatives to many traditional meals.

Couscous provides antioxidants and fiber. These build the immunity system and support smooth digestion. Couscous does not have the health benefits of a natural grain like quinoa. One significant health issue associated with couscous is that it is high in gluten. People with wheat sensitivities would find couscous difficult to digest.