What is a vowel?

Every language is comprised of unique sounds; these sounds are expressed through different letters and characters, and they can be divided into two categories: consonants and vowels. The word “vowel” originates from the Latin “vocalis”, which means “vocal”. As such, vowel sounds are expressed through an open vocal tract, and while they may vary in tone, pitch and duration, their general sound is easy to recognize.

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What is racism?

Racism is the term used to describe the toxic and destructive beliefs and behavior that stems from the belief that one’s race is superior to another. This includes prejudice, discrimination and antagonistic behavior directed towards others due to the belief that their race is inferior to others. This is not an exclusive behavior or belief to any single race and has been seen throughout the world and through human history.

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What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a document many professionals use in place of or in addition to a resume. It’s a way to showcase your work experience, training, education, and qualifications in a more detailed and organized manner. Portfolios used to only be primarily used in creative fields, such as photography and writing. But in today’s competitive workforce, they are used as an added tool to stand out in a sea of applicants in any profession.

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What is a novella and how is it structured?

Novellas are fictional written texts in which the length is in between a short story and a novel. They typically consist between 17,000 and 40,000 words. As a result, they typically feature less conflicts than a novel but a few more than a short story. The word is derived from the Italian “novella”, which is their feminine conjugation of “new”.

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