What is economy and why is it important?

The term “economy” includes everything involved in the consumption and production of goods and services. There are several types of economies that exist to satisfy consumers needs. Worldwide, economies have evolved over time with the introduction of technology and advanced transportation. Economies are important for creating a greater variety of goods and products for consumers and for diversifying the global economy.

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What is anatomy?

Anatomy is the field of study that focuses on the identification and understanding how living things work. It is often associated with medicine and biology. The study of anatomy is ancient, spanning over 2,000 years back to the Ancient Greeks. Because of how broad the study is, it can be further divided into three categories, which include: human anatomy, animal anatomy and plant anatomy. Though there some overlap in structure between certain organisms, human anatomy is the most studied in order to further scientific progress in health and medicine.

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What is a vowel?

Every language is comprised of unique sounds; these sounds are expressed through different letters and characters, and they can be divided into two categories: consonants and vowels. The word “vowel” originates from the Latin “vocalis”, which means “vocal”. As such, vowel sounds are expressed through an open vocal tract, and while they may vary in tone, pitch and duration, their general sound is easy to recognize.

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What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a document many professionals use in place of or in addition to a resume. It’s a way to showcase your work experience, training, education, and qualifications in a more detailed and organized manner. Portfolios used to only be primarily used in creative fields, such as photography and writing. But in today’s competitive workforce, they are used as an added tool to stand out in a sea of applicants in any profession.

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What is a lunar eclipse and how does it happen?

The night sky has captivated the imagination of humans for thousands of years. From Stonehenge in the United Kingdom to the Pyramids in Egypt, there are ancient buildings located throughout the world that correlate with astrological phenomena. As technology continues to advance, scientists are able to grasp a more accurate understanding of the magic that takes place in the sky. Lunar eclipses are one of the most well-known of these phenomena.

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