What kind of fabric is Modal?

Modal is a type of fabric that is produced from cellulose fibers that have gone through numerous chemical processes. The feel and texture of modal can be made to resemble linen, wool, cotton, and even silk. Modal cannot be considered completely synthetic as it is produced from natural elements. It cannot also be considered completely natural as the cellulose it is made from goes through many processes before becoming the end product.

What is modal?

Modal is a type o rayon. It is made by spinning the cellulose that comes from different types of woods. The materials from modal usually come from beech trees or bamboo. Modal can be used on its own or together with other fabrics. Modal is stronger than ordinary rayon with a softer feel. It resembles cotton in texture. This material can be tumble dried and washed without having its fabric alignment damaged. It has low surface friction, unlike cotton, so the surface pills less. There is also a type of modal known as Micro-Modal that is even softer than modal and is very resistant to damage and shrinking.

Is modal breathable?

The natural elements from which modal is made allows it to let perspiration pass through. It can be worn on bare skin because it is breathable. The mix of cotton and modal makes for thicker clothes that are lighter than pure cotton. They are draped well around the body and also let air pass through.

Where is modal used?

Modal is commonly used as a mix with cotton to create a lighter and more durable fabric. On its own, modal is a silky and smooth material that is great to preserve the shape and flow of the original clothing. Because it is breathable and absorbs 50% more water than cotton, it is often used as underwear and intimate wear. It is comfortable because of its softness and does not have a sticky feel when there is more sweating than usual.