What is friendship and why do we need it?

Forging friendships is an essential aspect of life. Friendship is a platonic and mutual bond between two or more people. Companionship promotes compassion, understanding, and intimacy, and these three elements are instrumental in living an intentional and fulfilling life. Here are some reasons why comradeship is vital.


Scholars have long supported the notion that “you become who you hang out with”. Friends are potent sources of love, influence, and happiness. With that said, the people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your behaviors and habits. With that said, people become the product of those they hang around. It’s for this reason why friendship is crucial in helping pave the path to self-discovery.


Everyone needs their confidence bolstered a time or two. Friends are there through thick and thin, ensuring that you overcome even the darkest of hours. In other words, friends are encouraging and, in turn, help shape resilience. There’s no replacement for unwavering support, and it’s an attribute we all unknowingly yearn for.


Friends don’t let friends spiral out of control. In fact, true companions are straightforward and let their fellow friends know when they’ve overstepped a boundary. This level of sincerity is admirable and not always easy to find. There’s much to be learned from the genuine heart-to-heart conversations friends so often share.

A Sense Of Belonging

This world can undoubtedly get lonely. Fortunately, friends make life seem more manageable. Having an army of trustworthy confidants in your corner bodes well for well-being, and there’s nothing more daunting than having to soldier hardships alone.

Enhance Quality Of Life

Friends help shed light on the issues that matter. They hold the potential to bring all-new and enlightening meaning into your life, making prior afflictions seem trivial. As a result, perspectives alter and often make way for a new lease on life.