What is marketing?

Simply put, marketing is the study of promoting and selling products and services. However, marketing is a multifaceted concept that refuses to be confined to this concise definition. Here’s an in-depth overview of what marketing entails and the instrumental role it plays in bolstering businesses.

Forms Of Marketing

Before delving into the entrails of marketing, it’s essential to note the various types of advertising. Marketing campaigns run the gamut from social media marketing to video promotion, with search engine optimization at the heart of each advertising method. Print marketing, blog marketing, and internet advertising are some of the most relevant campaigning tools used today, but the marketing realm is perpetually advancing.

Product, Price, Place, Promotion

Coined the “4 P’s of marketing”, product, price, place, and promotion are critical components of advertising. Each element is straightforward and should always be incorporated into business descriptions and promotional flyers. In order to make a splash with audiences, these four ingredients of marketing must be baked into the overall advertising process.

Market Research

At the crux of advertising lies market research. Market research is the process of accumulating pertinent data that helps build a marketing message. During the conceptualization phase, market research is exceedingly important. This facet of marketing is fundamental in shaping business ideas, creating a framework, and finalizing visions.

Sales Strategy

Any marketer worth their salt knows the importance of having a sound sales strategy. Strategic efforts go a long way in the marketing domain, and plans are rendered ineffectual without them. In short, sales strategies are conducive to building a cohesive marketing model.


Creating the face of the brand is half the marketing battle. Audiences want to relate and feel a part of something bigger than themselves, and branding makes that possible. When a business exudes distinction and piques interests, they’ve begun to sink their teeth into prospective consumers.