What is the cloud?

Most people have heard “the cloud” come up in conversations these days. While many people know what it is, there are just as many or more that have no idea what that means. In reality, it simply means cloud computing. In its own respect, cloud computing simply revolves around the idea of using a remote computer located elsewhere for running programs and storing data. Below are some things about how the cloud works.

The Cloud Is Everywhere

Wherever you find an internet connection and a connectable device, the cloud is there. It typically runs through upwards of a hundred or more powerful computers connected throughout the world. Thankfully, you do not have to understand how this works in order to use it.

It Is Very Powerful

One of the main reasons the cloud is super important is because it is very powerful. It allows organizations the ability to use powerful applications from anywhere around the world at the same exact time. With other powerful computers taking on all of the hard work, the device you use to gain access to the cloud tends to be less important.

Certain applications, such as Microsoft Word, need a lot of hard disk space to run. If you are trying to access it through a tablet, it won’t work. However, if you access the program through a cloud-based application, another computer that is powerful enough will run the application for you.

The Cloud Is Free

It is simply a way to describe a collection of applications operated by different computers around the world. Sites such as YouTube and Google are are running in the cloud and it allows their visitors to access many of their applications with ease from any type of device. Most cloud applications are free to use and you only need a reliable connection to the internet in order to access it.